" DevOps provide agility in doing trial and error experiments fast "

Our engineers can help you in managing application life cycle in any of the world's leading cloud platform. We understand the effective use of Configuration management tools, containers and CI tools.

Accelerate application release by using DevOps

" Manage Cloud Application Life Cycle with Polyglot IT "

Our engineers are expert on application life cycle management using DevOps. With the help of DevOps, we accelerate cloud application lifecycle and you release the application swiftly. Our consultancy can help you use the different tools that DevOps offer in an efficient manner. Our team of professionals will help you in building, testing and deliver applications reliably using DevOps best practices.

Continuous Integration

" The success of CI is making DevOps more lucrative than it was thought "

Get all the advantages of CI from Polyglot IT. Our team has decades of experience in following DevOps principles such as continuous integration. We will help you in achieving iterative programming models such as agile programming by using the principles of CI. The whole idea of Polyglot IT is to lower the level of complexity in application development and resolve issues easily using CI.

Continuous Development

" Scan the software for errors easily "

Vast experience with DevOps held by our experts helps you achieve numerous benefits that CD offers while developing the application. With CD you will be able to keep your code always ready in deployable condition and we will be instrumental in applying these principles of CD. Our expertise in CD will enable you to release new features of software early thus empowering you to meet the challenges due to a dynamic market.

Infrastructure as Code

" We call it programmable Infrastructure "

DevOps culture has been assimilated into our blood and our understanding of the DevOps principle will help you implement ' IaC ' with ease to leverage your business. We call IaC as programmable infrastructure which gives the power of admin into the hands of the developer. In this way, your organization will be in a better position to perform server provisioning, configuration management and deployment. We are acquainted with numerous tools like vagrant, ansible, puppet, and docker to help you achieve the desired.