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" Tadaay solves the problems of training institutes, students, corporate trainers & recruiters "

Tadaay is a meeting place for students, training institutes, trainers and recruiters. It is designed to serve the needs of all the four participants. It will help students to choose right IT courses from the best training institutes. Training institutes will connect better with millions of learners with the help of Tadaay. Tadaay will assist trainers to get the corporate training assignments. Recruiters will find an effortless process to recruit from the vast talent pool of Tadaay.


" Choose right & sit tight "

Tadaay is here to end all your confusions relating to IT trainings. We will provide reviews and ratings about training institutes across India which will help you enrolling in right course and get you a reputed job.

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" Connect with millions of learners "

We will help you connect with students across the country. The leading platform will provide unbiased ratings for your institute and add much needed credibility for the institute.


" Unleash the tech guru inside you "

We will help you unleash the tech guru inside you on a great online platform. Trainers can sign up with us and avail opportunities to provide corporate training across the country.


" Experience a streamlined recruitment process "

You have a lucrative opportunity for talent acquisition in the form of Tadaay. You can assess the students by giving a quiz or ask them to perform tasks online.

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